Testimonial from John de Pinna,North Shore Projects, South Africa


I spend a large amounts of time playing on jet skis in heavy surf but still require a radio to launch, beach and emergency. I enjoy rough heavy seas and normally break about five or six radios a year. I was mailed a brochure of the Lifeline from Killerdeals in SA, I had a look at the radio and believe that its the only radio viable for my use, and that has proved correct.

2014_May5_South Africa testimonial _JohnIn SA most of the ski boat launch site require a 29 MHz but that is slowly changing as the 29 MHz hand held units currently available are absolutely useless for our application. All jet ski skippers weather they fish or play are having issues with the 29 as a result the clubs are starting to allow VHF as well.

I believe that there is a good market for a strong waterproof VHF – I attach it to my vest, if I am thrown from the ski and the ski is washed onto rocks at least I have a radio in hand. Its a great product so far no problems at all, if you consider the price its very cheap compared to five radios a year that break up on landing big jumps. The radio being attached to my vest is isolated from the impact and vibration of the ski which works well.


John de Pinna

North Shore Projects cc

Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa

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