LifeLine saved me!


I was kayak diving today for lobster off Fort Pierce, Florida. Diving 16-20 feet on a steel 100. It was mildly choppy and some wind when I went down. Two hours later when I came up 5′ seas with whitecaps, 25 mph winds and I was cold getting colder. I was about a mile or so out. I started paddling and my best efforts I did not make any headway. The seas were building and tide change to outgoing was less than one hour away. I am shivering at this time and realized it is bad and getting worse. I can not improve on this and it will only get worse with time. I tried to call on channel 16 but there were no boats out (crappy weather) I hit the Red Button (DSC) and heard USCG talking. I could not respond with the wave heights and how far they are away. I held the radio up to talk again and Sea Tow heard me. He came out and when he radio’d he was out the inlet and headed north I popped a smoke canister. He radio’d he saw it and shortly I was saved. Best $300 I ever spent! You saved me. I have never been beyond self rescue before with all my adventures and it is pretty scary. Luckily I had help with me.

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